We Are All Work In Progress. Keep Going.

We often say that we are fine, or not fine. Or that we finally got the Buddhist practice we started in tact or more conventionally, that we’re on top of our game.

The truth is, we are never on top of our game nor is something wrong with us when we are not feeling fine.

We are all work in progress. Every single second of our life.
You are moving forward constantly, whether you’re aware of it or not.

So the kindest and wisest thing to do is to choose to become aware of it.


Because you should be in control of your next steps, your progress.
Sometimes it feels as if we have to stop, to meditate, to review, to hit the pause button, to take timeout. Yet, that’s not stopping in any way. That’s equally part of the progress.

Just choose to keep going.

LSOB - We Are All Work In Progress. Keep Going


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