The Sooner You Learn to Control Your Own Mind, The Sooner Happiness Arrives.

We rush through our lives. Constantly.
We distract our own thoughts. Constantly.
We rarely stop. Breathe. Or just check in with ourselves to see how we feel, what’s going for us, internally.

Like a bull, we rush towards our next red, alluring little goal. And once we reach it, we rush towards the next one.
We are never present; we don’t know how to sit still for few minutes.
But we text, Facebook, call, watch, over-eat, under-eat.
We keep our self-worth busy with doing.
We feel most of the time when provoked.
Then we jump. Or in other words, we react.

We are more aware of others’ actions towards us than our own actions towards others.
How about you stop?
The world will not collapse.
But you might soon if you don’t stop your madness.

LSOB - The Sooner You Learn to Control Your Own Mind, The Sooner Happiness Arrives.

How about you learn about your own mind a little more?
You know, the place where you do your nasty self-talk about your flaws or the secret place you hide your resentments whilst you hide behind a smile…

The place where your own happiness and unhappiness actually happens.
You know, at night when you can’t fall asleep, and at day when you’re worrying on and on and on.
That’s it! That’s where you live.

So learn how to control that place. Tame it, befriend it.
Become wise, don’t stay oblivious.

It’s never too late, but more importantly, it’s never too soon.

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