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About The Course And Your Teacher


Program Overview

✔ 7-week online course

✔ Daily posts and feedback from Duda

✔ Free Little School of Buddhism e-book


What Will I Take Away?

✔ Forgiveness for yourself and others

✔ Control over fear and anger

✔ Less anxiety or hard work

✔ Self-confidence and inner peace

Why Should I Do This Course?               

✔ Find Solutions To Various Life Problems

✔ Explore The Rational Side Of Buddhism

✔ Learn new perspectives on life

✔ Help you change the way you see yourself and the world

✔ How to practice Buddhism at home

✔ ... & much more



Duda's Interview With Lisa Anselmo From New York City

Duda's Interview With Maja Chudzik From United Kingdom

Meet The Monk Without The Robe

Duda BaldwinDuda-Baldwin

Duda is a Buddhist coach, speaker and writer. She has an online course on practical Modern Buddhism, dedicated Facebook page and a YouTube TV channel. She believes Buddhism to be the cure for overcoming painful emotions, learning new perspectives on life and gaining wisdom for long-lasting happiness.

In 2014, Duda spent time in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and took her vows. She sees her work as a bridge between the monks and people wanting to apply Buddhism in their everyday life using a simple, practical approach.


  • MA in Sociology with focus on human behaviour and social psychology
  • Qualified teacher of Ethics & Sociology
  • Certificate of Foundation of Tibetan Thought, Tibetan Buddhist 2 yrs study with Geshe Tashi Tsering
  • Experienced Life Coach
  • Studying towards Diploma of Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  • Studying Tibetan Buddhsim, 5 yrs study led by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Additional training:

  • The Power of Awareness, Mindfulness Training with Tara Brach & John Kornfield
  • Buddhism and Modern Psychology, Course with Robert Wright, Princeton University
  • Buddhism Through Its Scriptures, Harvard University

I run the online course “Little School of Buddhism”, am writing my second book, contribute to well-being magazines and together with my husband Alex, we run spiritual retreats, one for womenand the other for parents.