10 Things About The Buddhist Me

  1. I spent some time in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal because I realised that all the wisdom I relate to somehow links back to Buddhism and because the personal development approach, self-help books, therapies and coaching wasn’t working for me. I surpassed that level. So I wanted to talk to the “boss of wisdom”, Buddha. Weird, I know.
  2. I refused to meditate for 15 years, although I was trained in transcendental meditation from age 18. This is how resistant I was to yet another ‘religion’ after being drained by Catholicism.
  3. I am an accidental Buddhist. For 5 years, without knowing, I lived according to many Buddhist principles and saw the world with different eyes, flying high in my business venture. I realised in the monastery that I was already with both feet in. The reactions in my head were: “Oh, fuck, can’t I just do simple ignorant ‘happy’? 😉
  4. I love the discipline, raw truth telling and clarity of the monks. They reflect the true me.
  5. I secretly want to become a Buddhist nun and live in a monastery if I ever become a widow.
  6. Einstein, Steve Jobs, Tina Turner, David Bowie and George Lucas with Star Wars helped me like Buddhism.
  7. I thought I will explore myself as an entrepreneur and realised soon that my passion for entrepreneurship is very much the same path as spiritual growth. The values are not easy to align, though. Yep, I heard another “shit!” in my head when I realised that.
  8. 7 years in and I am not part of the modern society’s system as much as I used to be. Freedom from bullshit feels truly awesome! If only I can step out entirely…Work in progress.
  9. I would trade my belongings for enlightenment anytime.
  10. When everyone wants to become somebody, all I want is to become more of a nobody. A Buddhist “nobody”.
    (Not the “nobody” a Westerner would imagine)

10 Things About The Buddhist Me


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