If What You Do, Think or Have Doesn’t Bring You Long-Lasting Happiness, It’s Time To Learn New Ways To What Will

How we miss the obvious?

The Buddha statue is for most of us a symbol of happiness.

Buddha’s monks, such as Dalai Lama, are also known for their happiness and teaching others on how to be happy. That’s all they focus on.

Now, let’s go a little further. Neuroscience, hello! They work with the Buddhist monks in all kinds of research and what they know about happiness, neuroscience gives an official scientific approval of their teachings to be correct.

Meditation today is part of the biggest global companies cultures such as Apple or Google. Universities teach on it.

Further, some of the most successful in their fields practice Buddhism, studied it or were involved with similar theories that asked the same questions about our minds and the Universe; Oliver Stone, Richard Gere, David Bowie, George Lucas, Tina Turner, Leonard Cohen, Einstein, Steve Jobs….

One thing Buddha’s teachings are known for is help in overcoming lifetime depression.

Fact: 300 million people suffer from depression. Yet I don’t see 300 million trying to check what the Buddhist monks and neuroscience talk about.

How sad it is to watch and observe how our minds are not open to something that is within us and to at least try and learn something new.

We rather go for that beer, the new handbag or the dress to impress. We rather feel miserable and go for that bottle of wine to forget our sorrows until the next morning. Or we get the ‘happy’ pill from the doctors, who by the way, never found the real cause for depression and hence never will find the cure for it. Lama Marut in his book “Be Nobody” really explains it in a great way.

Buddhism knows the cause of depression and therefore gives the remedy.

That remedy is free. And it lasts for a lifetime.


How do I know all of this?

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and decades on various top-notch therapies in London, Germany, and Croatia. I spent shit loads of money high end, transformational and spiritual coaching, and thousands on self-help books for over 2 decades. I also spent the same amount of money and time on drinking, partying, drugs… And putting a fake face of happiness, shopping at Selfridges thinking that the new handbag will give my important sense of self some more importance and meaning.
Sound pathetic yet we all do it every day.

Once I started to follow this Dalai Lama on Google and started to ponder on his quotes, I accidentally grew into a Buddhist. And ta-da!

The depressions are gone. When I have challenging times, I face them with wisdom and self-care. I am not only abetter human being to others around me, but I finally know what self-love and happiness mean, and I give it to myself.

I inject it into my mind with my daily mediations. And I catch my anger before I open my mouth. I remind myself that the lady I try to compare myself with also might be opening that bottle of wine to feel better, or she drowns in self-hate and that’s why her figure is so spectacular or she follows the best fashion trends so that she can always feel the prettiest. All because she never feels enough.

Buddhism gives people a method how to get wiser and suffer less by meditating and it gives us truths that schools and this materialistic society failed to do and harmed us with teaching us that money and reputation will make us happy.

So, tell me, if that was true, why are there not 300 million happy people in this world instead of depressed?

Which one are you?


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