You Won’t Be Punished For Your Anger. You Will Be Punished By Your Anger

When I teach on karma, the main question, or rather a concern, is how we will be punished by others for our negative thoughts. Anger being the very damaging one to our minds.

The thing is, Buddhism doesn’t talk about punishment, but it talks about cause & effect, action & reaction, what goes around – comes around (boomerang somehow always comes to mind).

What we don’t understand yet, as except for Buddha’s teachings, we wouldn’t find this in schoolbooks or mainstream psychology…

An angry mind gets most commonly stuck in that state.
This literally means creating anger with our minds. Our mind gets coloured in anger. Since our mind gives meaning to the world around, what does a world seen by an angry mind look like?

Does it look happy? Content? Peaceful? Optimistic?

Or does it look difficult? Tense? Negative? Angry?

You got it.


So how do we get about anger?

We learn to understand it. And not just our anger but our minds.

We become aware of the fact that when someone pushes our buttons, that person’s behaviour might not be the loveliest act of love but that’s not the point. The point is: “What is the lesson here about me?”
What you’ll soon realise is that the person is mirroring to you the level of anger.

This is a huge step! To accept this truth.

And then the healing starts.

We become wiser and realise that the other person is not our punishment. Our punishment is the way we feel; how angry we are.

So we watch closer than ever if we generate it. Because we want to free our mind from it.

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