Schools Don’t Teach Self-Acceptance. But Our School Does.

We all want to be accepted and loved for who we are.
Sadly we look outside of our own hearts in order to find that love.
Because sadly, we haven’t learned how to give that same love and acceptance by ourselves.
Schools don’t teach us that.

Schools focus on filming our brains with information that we call ‘knowledge and skills’ and that will one day serve the society in a form of a job. If we accumulate a lot of relevant knowledge then it might be also a well-paid job.

So, where do we learn self-love? Or self-acceptance?

Schools Don't Teach Self-Acceptance. But Our School Does.

Look around.
Comparison to others. Judgement. Criticism. Expectations. Demands. Reason over heart… If you look at the business world, the politics, the way your family calls up and checks how’s your career going and if you’ve bought the new car yet….there is no society of self-love.

We live in a society starving for love. We are acceptance deprived. Our hearts are tired of the constant self-judgments we feed it with.

Luckily, there is a way how to unlearn these old, stubborn, painful beliefs.
The ancient wisdom, of which Buddhism is just one, dig out in all of us, the pure wisdom, divinity, and love that we kept locked, deep down.

Is it for everyone? Of course not.

Those who cannot read these words, those who are so stuck in the same old and don’t want to learn how to be happier would never get this kind of program.

But those of us, thriving in courage, going new ways, feeling with their gut, trusting their heart, pondering on spiritual wisdom is not just ready for these teachings, they flood the market of happiness.
Never before was Buddhism in such demand. Spiritual retreats around world booked out, meditation centers packed.

My “Little School of Buddhism” is one safe space where we connect and learn how to accept ourselves, how to become compassionate to ourselves and others, how to deal with difficult emotions and loses.
We can’t wait to welcome you too. Drop us a line or simply book to get the special offer that we love to share with you.

With love.


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