Have you ever come across someone who always jumps with defensiveness and self-righteousness?

I certainly have.

In my pre-Buddhist days, I’d jump back thinking I can show them what they do.
But that never works.

Nowadays, when people jump at me, I see it for what it is, a dark shadow of their angry and fearful mind.

I try not to make them realise how they might have hurt me (or someone else) with that attitude, but I try to generate compassion for they are not happy.

It’s not easy for someone like me to zip it but it’s so worth it. When things simmer down, I’m glad I did.


The reason why I’m gradually developing the compassion for righteous people is because I also catch myself in the same righteousness and due to becoming aware of it, I know the pain of it. So compassionate is easy to reach for in my toolkit of virtues.

Try not to be righteous, but apply kindness when possible. It’s always possible (says Dalai Lama).
And try not to tell others how righteous they are, they won’t hear it. Just send them compassion with all your heart. They truly need it.


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