We Live In A Constant Need For Being Loved, Seen, Heard, Recognised, Acknowledged And Having Our Desires Fulfilled

We have a mind that can go in two opposite directions. Which direction we choose will always determine how we feel.

The world we live in and the minds we developed as part of our Western society is led by ego. This is the most common direction we people take. That’s the only training we ever received.

So we live in a constant need for being loved, being seen, being heard, being recognised, acknowledged and having our desires fulfilled. We must constantly have these criteria fulfilled in order to feel happy.

That’s a heck of a lot of pressure there. The focus that everything revolves around our big, important, solid SELF.

The reality is, none of us is happy. Why? Because our happiness lies in our need and greed for recognition. A simple daily example would be selfies. The more selfies we post, the more we scream to the world: please see me and press the ‘like’ button so that I can be happy every 15 mins I check my phone.

Need: To Feel Enough You Must Get Over Your Self(ie). Your Ego Will Never Get Enough Gratification.

Another direction that we can take and one in which we are not trained is the direction of understanding our mind to be able to look deep within and build our self-worth and self-acceptance.

The ingredients are compassion, kindness and unconditional love, something we carry in ‘our bones’ by birth, yet something we forget and neglect as we get trained to live by greed, need and attachment.

This direction, however, is taking a bigger space in this world.

Everyone recites Buddhist, wise life quotes without really knowing how to live them. But it’s a good start.

The way we start taking that direction is by unlearning all we live by. That takes courage. And a lot of wisdom and humility. But it’s a life where we can have material things, yet we focus on empathy towards others, understanding that everyone suffers and all want to be happy, that we are all in the same boat. It focuses on loving the other (instead of being loved) and sharing with others or even better, serving others instead of repeating the mantra of ‘me, me, me’.

To be free of that self-cherishing need, we have to find a way to learn new wisdom.

Most are sadly not ready for it. They are too weak to let go of the slaving to their ego. But what about you? Are you ready for it?

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