What Others Think Of Me, Is None Of My Business

We live in a world where we are trained from an early age to care what others think of us.

We shaped the ‘care’ part of it into a real ‘obsession’. It’s surprising that we still think of ourselves as mentally healthy, considering the amount of self-talk that sounds like this:

“Will he like me? Do I look good in this dress? If I say this out loud, what will they think of me? I shouldn’t have studied history, I’m now not accepted as equal amongst my lawyer friends. Are you angry with me? She’s not calling as much lately, I might have done something wrong! I wasn’t tagged in the photo, I knew she never liked me. If I leave my miserable job, how can I show my face to my dad? My partner is going to make a big fuss about moving flats, so I guess it’s better to stay…”

If we are honest here, we all do this.

What we don’t do, is catching ourselves how many times we talk to ourselves like that.

What we really should do is the reverse. We stop obsessing how we will be perceived by others. Mainly because we are all equal. No money, statutes or popularity makes one more important than the other. Their opinion about you is therefore equal to yours.

What Others Think Of Me Is None Of My Business. What I Think Of Others Is Another Story. It's My Karma

Yet to live according to our own purpose, desires and self-reflection seem to be one of the forgotten “arts”.

Good news is that slowly, but surely, we’re awakening to this awareness. And we have the wisdom to change it. But it takes courage.

When we do take the courage and start honouring what we are, we also inevitably keep ourselves in check. If we are more concerned about our own opinion about ourselves, our conscious awakens. We become the best versions of ourselves. We want to love ourselves so our inner barometer is watching closely what and how we do things. Developing a kind heart is the consequence of such a life.

And that leads to the higher level of living.

With a kind heart, we start thinking about others in a way that will make our conscious happy. We don’t judge. And we don’t presume what they’re all about. We don’t gossip about them or portray them in a bad light.
The work on our inner self naturally reflects itself and moulds into our compassion towards others.
That compassion is what comes back to us.


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