Your Kind Words on The Little School of Buddhism

It’s almost the end of our 7-week online course “Little School of Buddhism” that started in almost 7 weeks ago. Our next one starts soon.

It makes me so peaceful seeing people happy. To see them smiling, with a new awareness of their own emotions that make them suffer.

It’s amazing to watch people’s weekly homework and reports of how they overcame anger, jealousy. Or worry that caused them so much pain.

Two of our alumni’s shared these words recently.

“The Little School of Buddhism was an amazing space to help me better understand both Buddhism as well as my own personal journey. This course definitely changed me in a deep sense and has helped me start to take the steps I needed to take to live my days in a more present and purposeful way. So much is shared here that I keep coming back to it again and again. Thank you so much, Duda, for sharing in the way you do.” D. S.

“The course was very inspiring and eye opening, giving tips and tools to face fear, anger, disappointment, and guidance to seek self-love and compassion. Duda is a wonderful coach and will keep your on your toes long after the course has finished with daily reminders, inspirational thoughts and stimulating questions. Just what is needed to stay awake and keep growing.” E. C.

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