Only With Gratitude For Today, Tomorrow Brings Us More Gifts

Each morning we wake up. But how many mornings do we count our blessings?

Our warm bed and a roof over our head. Food for breakfast and healthy, energetic kids. Our husband being the first person to say good morning and smiling at us.
The job that pays our belongings and holidays.

Most of the time, sadly and painfully, we get out of bed with dread.

The dread of going to work. The boredom of making breakfast. Totally not noticing the bed that served us during the night or the sun that gives us warmth each day. A home we have unlike many homeless people out there.
Our talents and skills that help us function every day.

LSOB - Only With Gratitude For Today, Tomorrow Brings Us More Gifts

We dread the future of not having the house we wanted, the millions we dream of, the holidays we have on our list. We just constantly focus on tomorrow. With that focus, only worry and doubt comes.

We totally forget about now. About today. We are like zombies that live in a matrix of tomorrow.

Don’t be that person. Stop and observe your day with gratitude for what you do have.
That state of mind helps you keep joyful. And when we feel joy in our minds and bodies, life or God or Universe or Karma (whichever term sits well with you) will bring you more joy.

Just stop looking into tomorrow more than you are present in today.

Feel yourself today. Observe your day unfolding, notice gifts around you.

Tomorrow will bring some more as long as you do the today with gratitude.


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