I’m No Slave To Social Media

“I have no time for meditation, but please help me feel less miserable.”

I hear these words very often in my Little School of Buddhism or my Buddhist coaching.

My answer is always this question:
How much time do you spend on Facebook or Instagram?

1 hour is a minimum I’ve heard of.

So, how about you take 5 minutes out of 60? Would that be possible?

It rarely is.

When I ask how social media makes us feel, underneath the layers of excuses it often ends with envy of others and competing to be more perfect than other, happier than others, more popular than others. Isn’t that why we all post?

If you were never to get any likes, would you really continue to post?

I very much doubt. You’d feel like shit. Unloved, unwanted, unheard.
So we go for more.

LSOB - I'm No Slave To Social Media

We cannot afford to go off the social media even for few days, we are addicts. It has to be every day. If it’s not, it’s soon after.

Withdrawal symptoms all over the globe are reported. Comparisons to cocaine addiction and an average of full 9 hours a day spent on social media are also facts found in numerous research.
But you don’t have time for meditation.


How about you stop this vicious circle of ‘like me, see me’ and do more ‘I come first, my inner peace comes first, who and what I am comes first’.
Sitting on Facebook won’t give you answers and love you’re so craving for. Those come from within.
5 minutes each day.

And if you’re wanting to start, if this moved you in any part of your body, your heart, your mind, anything, then don’t give up on your sanity and your happiness.

How to meditate and other spiritual, practical techniques can be found on my website.
It’s for the committed to self-love.



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