Become Your Own Therapist

You can spend thousands on your therapist or coach. For many different issues.
Motivation, depression, spiritual growth, eating disorder, abusive relationships, childhood wounds…

The thing is, our troubles start with our own karma. You know the little thing ‘what goes around comes around’. That karma places you in this particular life. And that karma follows you from one life to the next.
So your troubles are not determined by the external situations or people. It’s dependant on your own mind that is the very home to your karma.

No coach or therapist will tell you this.

The happiest people in this world will, though. The Buddhist monks, or people who seem to have their positive and negative thoughts and attitude under control.

Another major reason why no one else, but you, can help yourself is the fact that most of them don’t understand their own mind. And they can’t teach you how to understand yours. You can, though. And you should!

If you wanted to be in control of your life.

Understanding is the key to healing.

LSOB - Become Your Own Therapist

We cannot heal what we don’t know. Simple.

Understand your mind.

Control your thoughts.
Remove painful experiences.

That’s what Buddhism helps people like you and me to do.

It is here only for your own happiness. But it’s you who needs to do it.
No god, no religion, no one else smarter than you.

Just your own doing.
Own it. Go for it.
Live in wisdom and joy.


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