Befriend Your Ugly Parts – Meditation

One of the greatest gifts of Buddha’s teachings is meditation.

It’s not a place where we sit still and empty our heads. It’s quite the opposite, believe it or not.

In a brief meditation, close your eyes and send loving kindness to yourself and to others.
Thoughts will sneak in. Ugly thoughts. Nasty voices. They will make you feel guilty, trying to hide them, dispose of them.

If only you could. But you can’t. And neither can I.

LSOB - Befriend Your Ugly Parts - meditation

What we can do is to invite these ugly parts of our minds by not blaming us for them. Approach them as a loving mother would to her child, or a warm caring friend would to a friend.
That’s how we befriend those parts. And once we do, we send ourselves compassion. We equally understand others with the same ugly parts. And guess what the best part is?

The minute you befriend them, they will work for you, not against you. Anger will dissolve faster than and patience will take its place…

Can you feel this in your meditation? Can you feel that with each meditation you feel more whole?

Give it a try e dry day of your life. 5 minutes is plenty of time. Just commit to it.
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