Giving Is the Key to True, Long Lasting Happiness. Instead of Asking “What Can I Do For Myself”, Ask “What Can I Do For Others”

True, long-lasting happiness lies in giving.

Without giving we cannot receive. If we want kind people around us, we have to be kind first. That ‘being’ kind means giving kindness.
Then you receive it back. Maybe from someone else, maybe at the time when you didn’t expect. Who and when doesn’t matter. Karma brings back what we give.
So start focusing on others a little more.

When you can’t sleep at night, due to worry about your desires and plans. Or when you can’t stop your inner self-talk where you dwell yourself to exhaustion about micro-managing outcomes to your expectations. When you become self-absorbed about ME, ME, ME. When you feel you’re on the borderline of what I call self-obsession.
Then…think of someone else.

LSOB - True, Long Lasting Happiness Lies In Giving. Instead of Asking What Can I Do For Myself, Ask What Can I Do For Others

When you arrange a coffee with friends, does it really have to be the one YOU prefer?
When you plan a day with your family, does it have to be YOUR way? Your way is just one of many.
Maybe include others to feel cherished and heard.
Maybe drink water at a lousy coffee shop that your friend prefers because deep down she feels less intimidated than in the one you prefer, she is just too shy to tell you.

When we think of others, we become lighter, kinder, less selfish and less self-cherishing.

Those people are happier than those who have to be in constant control, self-absorbed in themselves.

Which way do you want to live? How do you want to be remembered?


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