Not So Typical Buddhist

The reason I glow in this photo from 2014 is not sex or money in my account or any mundane reason. I took my Buddhist vows few weeks earlier, in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Nepal. And I came back to London a new person. I knew it will have a price to see the world with different eyes. But the glow couldn’t hide itself. It reflects the shine of the door I’ve opened to a vast wisdom I yet had to gain.

Is it easy? No. Is it happy all the time? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

Duda Buddhist

There is no way back for those of us willing to learn. Those of us who understand that this life is just one bus stop on a long journey of our own spiritual growth. We can’t just take bits and pieces, half-committedly. We stick with the pain and bullshit we see in ourselves and we learn how to love it, overcome it and then pass that wisdom onto others. The glow can then be passed on.

In my upcoming book, there are plenty of personal stories I will share. Stories of someone so not typical to become a Buddhist or teach it. And if you’re impatient to wait for it, as I’m taking my time to finish it, you are welcome to enrol in one of my online courses. They start every 3 months and run for 7 weeks.
Our Alumni joined me on this path. They never returned since.



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