When Things Fall Apart, It’s Your Opportunity To Meet Your Truth

Things fall apart, it’s part of life. It happens to everyone. But one thing to remember is that things fall apart for a reason.

Your only job is to find that reason. Usually, it’s not the obvious one we think it is, as we get caught up in our ego led justification of right and wrong. The reason is a hidden gem, sitting in the silence of your mind that waits for you to find it. That silent gem will lead you to your own truth. That part of you that gets compromised so often that most of us don’t even remember anymore who we truly are, what have we become, what moves us…

When Things Fall Apart, It's Your Opportunity To Meet Your Truth

When things fall apart, it’s not to be experienced as pain and an unwanted obstacle. But rather as a solution to the bigger jigsaw of your own life. Find that truth, accept life’s unfolding and you’ll soon get back to where you belong. Yourself.


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