Choose To Be Kind, Not Just Nice

I’ve never played the fake game of being nice. It’s just not good enough. I go for kind.
Those two are not to be mixed.

In our modern society, we’re taught to be nice, to be polite, not to rock the boat, not to express our true feelings in moments of dislike, to avoid confrontation like a plague. Why? Because if we do so, we won’t be liked, fit in and accepted. And I luckily never gave much significance to either of those. I don’t mind what others think, that’s their business and it defines them, not me. I also don’t want to fit in, why would why? Into what exactly? And by whose standards? And the only person I need to be accepted by is well… the one that bothers me when I’m being unkind. And that’s me!

And so nice is not what I strive for. Not at the cost of the truth or my own consciousness.
By not playing the game of the society, we give ourselves more room to play on our own vast playground of kindness, honesty, courage, authenticity. That’s freedom. That’s meaningful.
What society so far made us believe and do is quite the opposite. Don’t settle for that. Settle for yourself. Choose kind over nice. The time is now.


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