Understanding Our Mind Gives Us Power and Control Over How We Feel

What we see is colourless. The meaning and significance we give to external things, situation, people is what becomes our reality, what we give colour to.

Most of us are not aware that our mind is like a white screen in the cinemas. The film projected on to it is what we call reality. So how about becoming wiser, becoming more in control of our incredibly strong yet incredibly perceptive mind. The first step is to learn what our mind does. And is what is happening to us really what we think it is? Or do we have the power to shift from a drama we watch to comedy that we chose?


Understanding our mind gives us power and control over how we feel.

And the only movement that explains how your mind really works, beyond the limited, conventional psychology that is not giving sufficient long-term results for our human suffering and painful emotions, is BUDDHIST PSYCHOLOGY.

Not everyone is ready to learn this wisdom, but if you feel you are then committed to some inner work. It’s inevitable.

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