The Teachings of Buddhism

I love Pema Chödrön, the best-selling author and one of the most popular spiritual leaders these days. She, like me, is a Western woman who becomes a Buddhist teacher. It just shows how Buddhism is relevant in our modern times, maybe more than ever.

Her quote (inspired by Buddha’s teachings): “Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know” sums up the school of life we all go through. You and I are no exceptions.

Except you might not be familiar with some core principles that make Buddhists happier than the majority of the world.

Would you like to know why and how?

Buddhism is a philosophy of wisdom, not a religion. This way anyone can take this ancient teaching into their lives, no matter to which religion they belong.

Unlike conventional psychology or personal development coaching, Buddhism teaches us to understand why we suffer and how to stop it. Only through understanding our mind can we overcome painful emotions and experiences.

Buddhism is grounded, simple and honest in showing us ways to remove anger, fear, insecurity or anxiety and develop our patience, compassion, kindness and love.

Once we understand this, we can then meditate effectively and with powerful effect.

And if you think meditation without teaching is enough, think again. Meditation without understanding is pointless as it’s the intent of the meditation that makes it so powerful.

I created this little video to introduce you to some basic understanding of how meditation works.

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