School of Buddhism

The countdown is on, our Little School of Buddhism is full of new students and I’m so very excited!

Think new wisdom, aha-moments, releasing anxiety, fear, anger, connecting with like-minded people and learning new ways to love yourself!

For those of you who haven’t claimed your spot, there is still time to do so. Hit the Early Bird Special button here and get in before we close the doors and learn these little wisdom tools for happiness.


This is what we are going to learn…


  • You learn easy and fast ways to understand why we need meditation and how to practice it daily.
  • Tibetan monks’ meditations that are helping you feel more peace in your life from day one.
  • I share with you real-life scenarios to teach you when to use which meditations so that you get the best results.

Understanding Painful Emotions:

  • You’ll learn to understand why anger, fear & insecurities creep into your life.
  • You’ll learn simple techniques how to recognise these emotions & how to stop it for your own sake.
  • You will immediately understand others around you in a different way that will stop making you feel upset.

Beautiful Solutions:

  • You’ll experience a new sense of compassion for yourself and others.
  • You will finally understand why and how to love yourself first.
  • You’ll learn simple practices that will show you how love & kindness are the antidotes to anger or fear.

What will you take away?

  • Inner peace that will gently develop into feeling of self-love
  • Self-confidence that is built by accepting yourself
  • Control over fear and anger
  • Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Trust in the Universe
  • Less anxiety or hard work
  • Wisdom that will bring you extraordinary decision-making skills
  • Understanding why certain things happen to us & how to accept them

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Please share with like-minded friends who can benefit from my insights. I am passionate about raising awareness on how Buddhism and Transformational Coaching can help any modern person overcome low confidence, anxiety, anger or fear in the long term.

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