Life Is A Lottery That We’ve Already Won

Constantly grasping for more leaves us with less power of gratitude for what we have. Our life, for example, have you recently acknowledged how precious it is? Have you reminded yourself that you’re healthy, that you’ve got people around you that care for you? That you’ve got a roof over your head, a warm bed, a bathtub, food each day? That you’re stable and not locked in an institution? That you get paid for your work, that you go on holidays, that your children are healthy and excited…

Life Is A Lottery That We've Already Won

Please continue to add to this list.

Please also remind yourself of all those unhappy, unfortunate people and children around the world that are truly suffering from abuse, hunger, wars, danger, addictions, mental illnesses such as hatred, depression, paranoia…
Remind yourself that you’ve gained a previous human life, the only form of life where you can gain wisdom that leads to the end of suffering – enlightenment. Animals can’t get that, plants can’t get that. You can.
Shift your focus on gratitude for the most important things such as having life, that so many of us take for granted each and single day.


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