Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

We are so stuck on this roller-coaster of “attraction” towards what we desire & “aversion” from what we want to avoid. That’s Buddhism, ladies and gents… 😉 In my work, the #1 reason why people seek support is “worry”. We spend most of our days worrying about something. Most of the time it becomes a repetitive worry. Like an addiction. And when things turn out fine, the next thing you know is we find something new to worry about.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
With mindfulness practice we learn how to get back into the driver’s seat and learn what worry and fear really are, we learn how to befriend them so that they cooperate with us & then we transform them into something that would serve us, something that actually will allow us to take a step towards what we do want.
As long as you focus on what you don’t want, that’s where you actually live. Where your mind is, is what your reality looks like.
And worry is not relaxed, creative & attractive. It’s tense, rigid, non-creative & unattractive. Opportunities won’t want to come anywhere close to it…

Trust me. I’ve been a worrier for over 3 decades. When we ditch it, things come to us gradually and in unexpected creative ways that your tense worrying mind has never had an opportunity to even imagine.

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