Gratitude – The #1 exercise to love yourself and your life some more

I’d love to share a favourite gratitude exercise that has changed lives within a week. The best thing – I truly know it’s magic because I do it diligently every day.

Buy yourself a notebook. Commit to this daily. You can also do this with your partner if they are up for it.

1.Each morning write 5 things that you’re grateful for.

This can relate to anything. Gratitude for a sunny day, your kids, you dearest friend. Gratitude for having a roof over your head, a wonderful lifestyle, the enthusiasm you have for your work etc. The act of writing things down brings the thought into consciousness and will change your outlook on the day.

If you wanted to improve your relationship using this practice, then try being grateful to your partner. It’s important to be grateful for the things he/she does that you are happy with. But also, be grateful for the things that may have previously annoyed you. One example is being grateful to your partner for double-checking the flights you have just found for tyour next trip! Instead of taking it personally, using gratitude, you see your partner with different eyes. You will learn to understand why some actions are done in a certain way by him/her. And also what intentions lie behind them such as care, making sure all options are covered etc.

2.Each evening write 5 things that went well.

This is to remind yourself of all your accomplishments and good experiences you’ve encountered in a day. Again, it can be related to yourself or your partner. An example could be that your partner came home in time for dinner, or that there were a good joke and laughter at dinner.

Gratitude shifts our focus from negative to positive. Gratitude is not just to be used on our view about life but more to be used on simple things and people around us. A gratitude diary beats depression or anxiety and it’s proven that couples doing these together will feel a shift in their interaction.


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