Why doesn’t he love me? What do they think of me?
If I don’t get this promotion, life sucks!
What if she leaves me?
I can’t sleep because of my sales figures! I suck in business.

What these thoughts have in common, might not be known to you but the word is “attachment”.

The Tibetans have a great word for attachment, translated into English it says: sticky desire.

That’s exactly what it is.


Whilst nothing is wrong to have desires, there is everything wrong with being attached to them.

What do I mean by this?

The object, person or outcome of our desires is in your mind placed on a pedestal. It’s placed above your own worth. Your happiness depends on it.

The bad news is, we live this every single day.
Good news is, it’s a lie.
The best news is, there is wisdom available to us where we learn that happiness truly is a state of mind, and NOT clinging on our desires and losing our beautiful minds over it.

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