When people come to us for some advice or do work with us, anger is usually the number one reason why they suffer. 
Yes, we all have a long list of reasons that make us angry.
We can sit for hours justify each and one of them but it begs a question after we end up exhausted from it: Does it serve you? Does this anger do anything for you?
What I know from my own life, from my Buddhist life, from my non-Buddhist life, from my relationship and even from my business life is that anger definitely does one thing super effectively. Anger makes you boiling from the inside ad you’re burning (out). Anger is an expert in making your life miserable.
There, I said it.
I am not here to preach how we should all became saints. Or to turn a blind eye when your partner drives you nuts. But you might want to learn the technique that will put you in control of whether you are allowing your partner to drive you nuts.

Anger is present nearly every day in our relationships. It eats you up, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.

You can get sick in all different ways. And sadly wait to release it once life throws a serious reminder at you.
Don’t wait so long. It comes with a regret. There are simple ways you can learn that don’t require studies, time, painful emotions etc.
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