Buddhism is all about understanding and training your mind to gain control of your own thoughts, actions and reactions. 



Why should I do the course?

We live in a hectic, egotistical world and all suffer from the same painful emotions (fear, anxiety, inadequacy, doubt etc). More and more people are turning to spirituality and Buddhism is a wonderful philosophy that helps make sense of it all.

The Little School of Buddhism introduces you to the basic Buddhist philosophies in a simple way that can be applied to your everyday life. You will learn new ways of dealing with painful emotions, helping you to understand your purpose and create more peace and happiness in your life


How does the course work?

I have created this course as a closed Facebook Group. I post teachings every day and we all comment and share our experiences and lessons. It’s a safe and interactive place to learn and grow and you get do it on the go, fitting into your busy life.

The content is based on Tibetan Buddhism and I come from a place of compassion and commitment to teach you life changing principals.


What’s in it for me?

  • You will discover things about yourself that are crucial for your happiness.
  • You will understand how anger, fear and other negative emotions harm you.
  • You will develop more compassion and loving kindness towards yourself and others.
  • You’re surrounded by like-minded company and guided by a devoted Buddhist teacher.
  • The curriculum focuses on your needs and will equip you with wisdom and techniques that you can use after the school is over. This improves your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being in the long term.










What will I learn?


  • You learn easy and fast ways to understand why we need meditation and how to practice it daily.
  • Tibetan monks’ meditations that are helping you feel more peace in your life from day one.
  • I share with you real-life scenarios to teach you when to use which meditations so that you get the best results.

Understanding Painful Emotions:

  • You’ll learn to understand why anger, fear & insecurities creep into your life.
  • You’ll learn simple techniques how to recognise these emotions & how to stop it for your own sake.
  • You will immediately understand others around you in a different way that will stop making you feel upset.

Beautiful Solutions:

  • You’ll experience a new sense of compassion for yourself and others.
  • You will finally understand why and how to love yourself first.
  • You’ll learn simple practices that will show you how love & kindness are the antidotes to anger or fear.

Course Details

✔ 7-week online course
✔ Daily posts and feedback from Duda
✔ Free Little School of Buddhism e-book

What will I take away?

✔ Forgiveness for yourself and others
✔ Control over fear and anger
✔ Less anxiety or hard work
✔ Self-confidence and inner peace

Course Costs

✔ Normally USD777
Early Bird – Book Now and pay only USD300
✔ Money back guarantee


The Extra Stuff

We all love freebies, so here is some of the extras you get for starting your Little School of Buddhism!

  • FREE “How to Manifest Desires by Law of Attraction” mini course – worth $222
  • FREE e-book  “Little School of Buddhism”
  • FREE Lifetime Access to LSOB Alumni Facebook group
  • 20% discounted 1-on-1 coaching with Duda 
  • 10% discount on my  women’s retreat in Bali
  • 10% discount to our  parents retreat in Bali
  • Free Best-Sellers on all things Buddhism and Happiness 

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